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Research and development become innovation

We share our experience to all Customers that have an idea but do not have in-house resources to reach the expected targets. We perform the feasibility and develop the research project, providing support throughout the process, from concept to market.

Regulatory Assistance:
Reg. (EC) n.1907/2006 [REACH], Reg. (EC) n.1272/2008 [CLP], Notification to ISS Dangerous Preparations Archive, etc.
Safety Data Sheets:
Compilation and check according with current regulations
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Studies of new formulations, new products and new technologies, led us, in collaboration
with academic and industrial partners, to the achievement of important patents.


Doctor Neu is the brand of products that we created for the professional market and for the daily use. Inspired by nature, Dr.Neu is aimed to all the person who believe in the conscious and sustainable living, respecting human beings and environment.
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"Method for preventing and controlling biofouling on marine objects”
Eco-friendly antifouling paint to be applied on the hulls of ships, boats and other object, to prevent the formation of bio-fouling and limescale.

Patent WO2010145905 (A1)

Reserch Innovation


“Method for preventing and controlling organisms that infest aqueous systems”
It control the presence of mosquitoes by preventing the deposition of new eggs, and larvae growth, without releasing toxic substances into the environment.

Patent WO2010145988 (A1)


“Device for reducing the content of polluting and/or unwanted substances, particularly in water and other fluids”

It prevents the formation of scale by reducing the hardness of water.

Patent WO2013034578 (A1)

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